“The New Rule on Cybercrime Warrants”


More than five (5) years after the enactment of the Cybercrime Prevention Act, the Supreme Court promulgated the new Rule on Cybercrime Warrants that took effect last August 15, 2018. The Rule is an integral link in the implementation of the Cybercrime Prevention Act and adds teeth to investigations into cybercrimes.

The new Rule tackles issues that affect not only large service providers but private companies and operators of any kind of network. It allows victims access to remedies and investigative tools available under the Act but have remained dormant because there were no enabling rules to guide judges. The Rule will no doubt have a permanent impact on the landscape for cybercrime investigations, law enforcement and prosecution.

Join us in this Forum to learn about the legal and technical aspects of cybercrime investigations. The Forum will take a multi-disciplinary approach to better understand cybercrimes; the nuances of conducting an investigation and building up a case.

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