Drexx Laggui

Principal Consultant for Information Security

Drexx Laggui is the Principal Consultant of Laggui & Associates, Inc. – an Information Security Consulting firm offering forensics, litigation support, penetration testing, PCI-DSS Audit and compliance services.


He conducts deep-dive investigations and analysis of cyber security incidents, through utilizing state of the art incident response approaches, cyber forensic methodologies and reverse engineering techniques. Platforms include include MS Windows operating systems, Solaris, HP UX, IBM AIX, various distributions of Linux, MacOS, QNX, Blackberry OS, Android, and iOS.


Additionally, Drexx Laggui also works with clients in the growing area of cybersecurity incident response management, with a focus on preparing clients to effectively handle cybersecurity incidents as well as occasionally providing advisory services to clients experiencing incidents. He helps clients prepare for incidents by developing and evaluating response capabilities and plan documentation, delivering training, and conducting exercises to test response capabilities.


He has extensive experience in developing, managing, and operating incident response capabilities, conducting training, exercises and workshops, and is very familiar with tactics, techniques, and procedures commonly employed by and used to thwart threat actors.


With regards to experience in Digital Forensics and PH Rules of Court On Electronic Evidence, his case types have included: intellectual property theft, labor disputes, forgery of electronic documents and identification papers, criminal hacking incidents involving financial transactions, tampering of the database of academic records, rape scandal involving high-profile celebrities, assassination of a politician, homicide involving foreign military serviceman, vandalism of corporate websites, electoral fraud, and even libel.


A proud accomplishment was when he was contracted by the DOJ as lead developer for the PH Cybercrime Investigation Manual, as well as for PH Information Security Incident Response Management Manual for National Cyber Security Office by the DOST ICTO (now DICT).


He has also given expert witness testimony for the Singapore International Arbitration Centre, the Philippine Dispute Resolution Center, the Philippine Senate, the Philippine House of Representatives, and in various Metro Manila trial courts.